Central units


The ZE central unit is the heart of the THZ system. The ZE receives the actual data from the room units as well as changes in the setpoints. From the information received, it calculates the correct times for opening and closing the respective actuators. Due to the optimized energy inflow, the ZE prevents under- or overheating of the controlled rooms by the heating source and keeps the room temperature accurate to +/- 0.15° around the set target value.

The central unit constantly learns how the heating situation of the rooms changes and, with the help of the patented algorithm, regulates each room depending on its heating system, its location in the building, its use, the season and all other environmental conditions. It independently determines its parameters and adjusts them to the actual conditions in real time. Today, 4 different versions are available as standard products.


The ZE central unit exists in different variants - it always integrates heating and cooling operation :


up to 10 controlled rooms - the ideal solution for residential houses and small projects.


up to 16 controlled rooms - 6 additional controlled rooms !


up to 30 controlled rooms - the central unit for professional needs. Large time switch for timetables/programs, data backup, networking of several central units...


the central unit with the possibility of integrating automation functions for more extensive systems: control of external components such as ventilation units. More information in a personal conversation.

Available options: automatic hydraulic balancing, mobile function, Ethernet RJ45, humidity control, flow temperature control, data logging, PC management software, timer, automation functions, networking...

The ZE central units are certified under license number 213371 combined with the SF/SK actuators eu.bac.