We transform your heating with our unique thermocyclic principle. With unsurpassed control accuracy of +/- 0.15°C and real-time decisions, our system provides an intelligent and autonomous solution for perfect indoor climate & optimized energy consumption.


Unique on the market, the regulation terminal ThermoZYKLUS allows to regulate all types of chauffage in an efficient and predictive way. Better regulation is our commitment. The certified algorithm offers a regulation precision of +/- 0.15°C, whatever the temperature sensor.

The result: thermal comfort, reduced consumption, satisfied users and energy savings.



We operate in the field of individual room control of heating systems. Through our unique control method, all existing heating systems simple and efficient controlled.

The key element of the technology is our patented thermocyclic algorithm, which independently regulates all heating installations to within +/- 0.15°C. This results in optimal comfort and energy savings.



Née de la conviction de l'impérieuse nécessité d'éliminer le gaspillage énergétique, ThermoZYKLUS est une société familiale bien implantée sur les marchés français et allemand.

Fabricant de régulation terminale prédictive multiémetteurs à l'IA embarquée, nos solutions allient confort et économies d'énergie. Installation is quick, low-cost and CEE-eligible. It is possible in all types of buildings with the same efficiency.


In the world of building technology, we at ThermoZYKLUS strive to provide solutions that are not only innovative, but also practical and sustainable. Our solutions can be customized for any project, no matter how specific. Smart heating, building automation, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, decarbonization: whatever the goal, our products make the difference with their integrated AI, bringing comfort, energy savings and easy heating management.



Our chauffage automation solutions offer connectivity at 3 levels, depending on your needs: GTB/GTC communication, web server and app control, and intelligent 24/7 control.

Smart heating, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, decarbonization, BACS/CEE or OEM requirements: whatever the objective, we have the answer.



The Thermozyklus control is different from conventional controls. It works on a thermocyclic principle, which the thermostats and PI controllers do not offer.

The temperature is measured every second and the information is transmitted every minute to the central unit, the core of the system. The decisions are made automatically and in real time thanks to the intelligent algorithm. The control accuracy is unsurpassed: +/- 0.15°C.



Regulation Thermozyklus is different from traditional regulation. It functions according to a thermocyclic principle that is not offered by thermostats or regulators with proportional integral actions.

The temperature is measured every second and the information is transmitted every minute to the central unit, the heart of the system. Decisions are made automatically and in real time thanks to an intelligent algorithm.

La précision de réglage est inégalée : +/- 0,15°C.


Our references speak for themselves: from office buildings and production facilities to public institutions - ThermoZYKLUS delivers customized solutions that meet your company's specific requirements. Dive into the success stories of our commercial customers and learn how ThermoZYKLUS helps to create an efficient, sustainable and comfortable working environment.