BACS / CEE: Your questions, our answers

What are BACS and CEE?

BACS stands for Building Automation and Control Systems, while CEE stands for Commercial Energy Efficiency. In France, the BACS decree requires tertiary buildings to be equipped with control and automation systems to improve their energy efficiency. Particularly innovative and energy-saving systems can be subsidized by CEEs, which significantly shortens their ROI. The ThermoZYKLUS solutions meet the requirements of both the BACS decree and the CEEs.

Why are BACS and CEE important?
For your company

In France, CEE are very interesting means to finance energy renovations and installation of heating control. Overall, following BACS regulations leads to optimization of energy consumption, reduction of operating costs and increase in productivity.

For the environment

BACS and CEE contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and are thus an important step towards a more sustainable future.

How can BACS and CEE be implemented in my company?

We offer a range of solutions tailored specifically to the needs of commercial buildings. From consulting and planning to implementation and maintenance - we guide you through the entire process.

What types of buildings benefit from BACS and CEE?

Our BACS and CEE solutions are versatile and can be implemented in a wide range of building types, including office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and industrial facilities.