Sensors/room devices


The RG programmable room unit is connected to the system via a 2-wire bus. It measures the room temperature and permanently transmits the data to the central unit.

Temperature setting in 0.5 °C steps, display of setpoint and actual temperature, room-related switching possible from day to night operation or frost protection, display can be personalized according to customer requirements (e.g. only display of setpoint temperature and its adjustment for hotel application), display illumination in 256 freely selectable colors ...

Available also in RG-FF variant with integrated humidity control and as RG-AN variant with 0-10V/4-20mA analog input, with or without FF humidity sensor.


The blind RS room unit is also connected to the system via a 2-wire bus. It also measures the room temperature and permanently transmits the data to the central unit, but it prevents any unwanted setpoint temperature adjustment in the room.

Without display and without operating buttons on the RS, the settings are only possible via the ZE central processing unit. Without display and operating buttons. The setting is possible only on the ZE central unit. Ideal for public facilities, schools, offices, kindergartens...

Available also in RS-FF version with integrated humidity control and as RS-AN version with 0-10V/4-20mA analog input, with or without FF humidity sensor


The room unit RS-D is from their switch program!

Your installer sends us a set with dummy cover from the switch program installed at your site. We check whether we can integrate our electronics and inform you. The functionality corresponds to the RS. The RS-D is even more inconspicuous this way.

Hager, Siemens, Legrand, Schneider ... everything is possible. Compatibility: on request.


The RS-C-FF room unit combines CO₂ measurement, blind RS & humidity sensor.


The RGM and RSM room units incorporate the ThermoZYKLUS technology into the high-quality switchgear of the French electrical manufacturer MELJAC.

Their exclusive design makes RGM/RSM room units the optimal solution for hoteliers and demanding customers.

Available with display: RGM (photo) - without display: RSM - with integrated humidity control RGM-FF / RSM-FF.

Sensors/room devices

Wireless / Radio

The RFW wireless room unit is set up in the room to be controlled or attached to the wall. It wirelessly transmits the setpoint and actual temperature to the FE radio receiver (frequency 868 MHz) - always necessary with wireless components (see menu item Communication). The current room temperature is displayed. The setpoint value appears at the push of a button. Cables are no longer necessary - especially important for retrofitting or renovation. Customer-specific display variants can be created as with the RG wired room unit.

Ideal for renovations and extensions.

The RFW room unit also exists in the RFW-OD version with blind cover to avoid unwanted interventions, in the RWF-FF with humidity sensor and in MELJAC version.


RFM wireless room unit is distinguished by its besoinders compact design. Thanks to its NTC sensor functionality very easy to program directly via smartphone or web platform.

Available also in FF version with humidity sensor.