Predictive Maintenance: Your questions, our answers

What is Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive maintenance, or predictive maintenance, is an approach that uses data analytics and machine learning to monitor the condition of machinery and equipment. The aim is to identify maintenance needs at an early stage and avoid unplanned downtime.

Why is predictive maintenance important?
For your company

Predictive maintenance reduces the energy consumption of heating systems. Unplanned downtime can be expensive and disrupt operations. With predictive maintenance, you can minimize these risks and extend the life of your equipment

For the environment

More efficient machines mean less energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Predictive maintenance helps you reduce your environmental footprint.

How does Predictive Maintenance work at ThermoZYKLUS?

Our predictive maintenance solution uses advanced sensors and algorithms to collect and analyze data in real time. This provides accurate predictions and recommendations for proactive maintenance actions.

Is predictive maintenance right for my business?

Yes, sure ! Our predictive maintenance solution monitors the behavior of your buildings, identifies weak points and makes concrete suggestions to reduce energy consumption and improve the Co2 balance. Everything 100% automatic and efficient.