Mono control

Why a mono regulation ?

For some applications, a system with a ZE central unit is too extensive. Then it is easier if the sensor and actuator in the room communicate directly with each other.

A radio connection is then also more advantageous than if lines had to be laid. Therefore, some devices are available as variants with direct radio connection.

If a connection to the outside world is nevertheless to be established, this can be done via an optional FL radio bridge.
Of course, there is no difference in the quality of the control compared to a ZE system.


Pourquoi une monorégulation ?

For certain applications, a system with a central unit ZE is too complex. It is therefore more simple that the probe and the actionneur communicate directly between them in the device.

A radio connection is also easier to set up than the passage of cables. This is why certain appliances can be used without a central unit ZE to regulate separate units, which is simply called monoregulation. The connection of these units to a building automation system is possible with a radio FL datalogger.

Better than a thermostatic valve

Originally designed to control a single room, THZmonozone consists of a room unit and actuators (1 to 4 depending on the need). It is also possible to control all rooms with THZ. Intelligent and dynamic, thermocyclic monocontrol is much more efficient than thermostatic valves, which are often installed for simplicity.

The mono control is 100% wireless and therefore very easy to use, for example, in apartment buildings.

And just as easy to use!

Basically, THZMonozone can be described in one word: simple. The room unit is placed in a room without any wiring. Then the actuator is screwed onto the radiator (M30x1.5 - adapter available), a room unit is linked to it, and the temperature is set at the desired times.

Plus efficace qu'un robinet thermostatique

Designed to be equipped with a single unit, THZmonozone consists of an ambiance probe and motors (1 to 4 depending on requirements) specially adapted to monorégulation.

Intelligent and dynamic, the THZMonozone thermocyclic monorégulation goes further than the thermostatic control units often installed for simplicity's sake, but is also quicker to install.

100% sans fil, elle est parfaitement adaptée pour réguler chaque appartement en logement collectif.

Et tout aussi simple à mettre en oeuvre !

The installation of the THZ monorégulation is effortless: the installation is as simple as that of a thermostatic robinet. The ambient probe is placed in the panel without any wiring. It is then sufficient to place the fan motor on the radiator, connect the ambient probe without a cable and adjust its temperature to the desired temperature.

RFW-MONO Room unit

Programmable RFW mono room unit with screen and buttons.

RFW-MONO Probe d'ambiance

Sonde d'ambiance radio programmable avec écran. A combiner aux moteurs de vanne SF-MONO.

RFM-MONO room unit

Mini RFM room unit without screen, programmable via app.

RFM-MONO Probe d'ambiance

Sonde d'ambiance radio aveugle mini. A combiner aux moteurs de vanne SF-MONO.

SF-MONO actuator

SF-MONO actuator for automatic opening and closing of the heating.

Actionneur SF-MONO

Moteur de vanne connecté. Alimentation BTA-NT par moteur ou 1 amplificateur radio FV2 par installation.

FL Radio data logger

Thanks to its integrated SD card, the FL data logger allows the readout of various information (set and actual temperatures, battery status, date, heating curves, addresses, communication errors, window openings ...) via radio. This data can be read out as a table or as curves. To record, the FL only needs to be plugged into a socket in the building.

The FL data logger thus allows easy monitoring of large mono-control installations (e.g. in apartment buildings).

The thermocyclic mono control is also available for electric heaters: learn more about the STU.

Datalogger sans fil FL

Equipé d'une carte SD, le datalogger FL (option) permet le retrait de différentes informations par voie radio (températures de consigne, températures réelles, niveau des piles, datas, courbes de température, adresses, erreurs de communication, ouvertures de fenêtre, etc.), récupérables sous forme d'un tableau et/ou de courbes. To register, it is sufficient to leave the datalogger FL branché on a socket in the building.

The datalogger FL also allows the monitoring and historicization of data on large ensembles equipped with THZ monorégulation in complete simplicity.

Plateforme de management énergétique SEMLINK

THZMonozone can be associated with PACK LORA to benefit from all the advantages of the active web platform for monitoring and predictive maintenance of SEMLINK installations.

Monorégulation thermocyclique also exists for electric chauffages : en savoir plus sur le STU.