Technology is more than just a tool; it is the catalyst for change and progress. At ThermoZYKLUS , we pride ourselves on being pioneers in the development of smart control technologies that simultaneously optimize energy consumption, increase comfort and reduce operating costs.

Our unique regulation
  • Very accurate temperature control (+-0.15°C) due to a completely independent control process. No overheating and consequently no "venting" to remove excess heat.
  • Automatic determination and constant updating of all control parameters. For each room separately and individually, for heating and cooling.
  • Fully automatic adaptation to all types of spaces, from small rooms to large halls. Likewise, fully automatic adaptation to all types of heating or cooling equipment, from fast infrared radiators to the most inert panel heaters. In any mixture.
  • No detailed recording of the heating or cooling system necessary. High tolerance to misadjustment / misoperation of the equipment. Copes with any heating or cooling system.
  • Independent of the valve type. Also copes with bad valves.
  • Automatic derivation of the minimum flow temperature (optional). Otherwise copes with any flow temperature.
  • Dynamic hydraulic balancing (optional).
  • Reliable detection of faults up to tilted windows.
  • Completely self-sufficient. A connection to the building management or the Internet is not necessary, but can of course be established at any time.
  • The extensive data generated during operation can be evaluated externally.
  • eu.bac certified and patented.