VR Flow controller

The optional VR flow controller completes the system. It takes over the complete control of the boiler, two mixers, circulation pumps and domestic hot water. It regulates the flow temperature in such a way that the heat demand of all connected rooms is just covered, but no energy is lost due to excessively high temperatures. Up to 8 flow controllers/240 controllable rooms can be networked via ZE-P central unit.

Your benefit: No adjustment of heating curves in the intermediate seasons - the system learns permanently and adapts!


VR Régulateur de départ

The VR decoupling regulator option completes the system. It takes care of the complete management of the boiler, the two melange pipes, the circulators and the sanitary hot water. Auto adaptatif, il calcule la température de départ minimum qui permet de couvrir les besoins de toutes les pièces. Elimination of surcharges = economies. Up to 7 VR (240 regulated items) can be connected via the ZE-P.

Ses atouts: aucun réglage de pente, pas de réglage entre les saisons - le système apprend en permanence et s'adapte en fonction!

FV radio amplifier

Radio amplifiers FV (max. 6 FV per ZE) are used as an option to optimize the radio system in difficult building situations.

The radio amplifier supports the radio receiver and ensures that signals from the RF room units or SF switching stages are routed along only one path. This avoids unnecessary radio clutter by creating an intelligent communication network.

FV Amplificateur radio

Les amplificateurs radio FV (max. 6 FV par ZE) sont utilisés en option pour optimiser le système radio dans un environnement difficile.

The FV supports the FE and guarantees the transmission of RF and SF signals via a single channel. In this way, an intelligent communication network is created that avoids radio transmission confusion.

RSU pushbutton

Pushbutton for defined customer-specific functions (by PLC programming). Application example: Heating up for e.g. 1 hour of the checkrooms of a fire station at the push of a button.

Interrupter RSU

L'interrupteur RSU relié à la sonde d'ambiance avec bouton poussoir de marche forcée pour fonctions clients spécifiques. Exemple d'application : chauffage des vestiaires d'une caserne de pompiers pour une durée d'une heure par exemple.

DP Presence detector

This function allows automatic change from Eco mode to Comfort mode when the presence of a person is detected by the presence detector. The function is recommended for low inertia heaters such as heating panels and is perfectly suitable for dormitories, offices, universities...

DP Détecteur de présence

This function, which is available via an ambient sensor, allows the automatic transition from Eco mode to Comfort mode when presence is detected. It is recommended for inertia-free detectors such as radiant panels and appears to be perfectly adapted for student residences, offices, universities... A PLC program is required for its activation.

FU Automatic Radio Controlled Clock

The FU radio clock receives the time signal transmitted by the DCF77 long-wave transmitter (in Mainflingen near Frankfurt am Main). The internal clock in the ZE central unit is continuously compared with it and reset.

FU Horloge radio automatique

The clock radio FU receives the horary signal emitted by the DCF77 long-distance transmitter (at Mainflingen near Francfort-sur-le-Main). The internal clock of the ZE central unit is permanently compared and adjusted with this signal.

Thermostatic valve part

Made of nickel-plated brass, straight or angle - on request.

Corps de vanne thermostatique

En laiton nickelé, droit ou équerre - sur demande.

FL Datalogger + FL-NT Power supply unit

With the FL Datalogger, recording plant data is child's play. Especially interesting is the FL Datalogger combined with mono-control installations.

Enregistreur de données FL + transformateur FL-NT

With the FL data logger, logging data from the installation is a child's play. The FL data logger is particularly interesting when combined with monoregulation installations.