Building automation: The answer to modern challenges

The challenge: complexity of modern buildings

Nowadays, buildings are increasingly complex and networked. This brings new challenges, especially in terms of energy efficiency and building management.

Our solution: Intelligent building automation

At ThermoZYKLUS , we offer intelligent control solutions that can be easily integrated into any building automation system. Thus, heating, ventilation, lighting and other building services equipment are controlled centrally. The connection of thermocyclic individual control technology to higher-level control systems such as TA, Siemens, WIT, Schneider, Möller, and others has been known and proven for a long time.

Advantages of building automation
Energy saving

Significant energy savings can be achieved by automating building functions.


Our systems are modular and scalable. They can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of any project, from small office buildings to large industrial complexes.


Easy monitoring and control over critical system parameters improve operational reliability.

Application areas

Building automation applications are now a must in a wide variety of building types, including office buildings, schools, hospitals and industrial facilities, and in some cases are even mandatory (in France, for example).